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China casting mold industry has entered a new stage of development

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  China casting mold industry development today, has experienced a difficult journey, until 1976 is still in a backward state. Since 1977, due to the vigorous development of China's machinery, electronics, light industry, instrumentation, transportation and other industrial sectors, the demand for casting mold growing in number, quality requirements are high, more and more short delivery period . Therefore, the cause of China's relevant departments attach great importance to the casting mold industry will die as the "Plan" and "Plan" key scientific and technological project planning, sent overseas study tours, the introduction of foreign advanced technology of casting molds, formulating casting mold national standards. Through this series of measures to make the casting mold industry has made significant progress and breakthroughs in certain technical aspects.
     The second car factory to adopt new technologies, new materials for the Japanese Isuzu factory manufacturing high quality large casting mold, won a good international reputation. 1980 Shanghai has been able to manufacture a mold cavity 400 large thermosetting plastic packaging mold, die casting requirements of small form-bit error, the surface roughness of less than 0.1um. Subsequently, household appliances large and complex plastic molding casting mold after another successful trial; sharpening average life of four million red times, carbide burrs in 0.5um following progressive die has been overcome, the 6-position of the rotor piece production of the casting mold is close to the international advanced level.

     Meanwhile, also produced the more than 10 stations of precision progressive die, and have a high accuracy and difficulty casting mold plastic molding, and through the introduction of technology digestion, developed micron level precision multi-position progressive die and multi-type plastic molding cavity. In addition, computer-aided casting mold design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology has also begun research, and has achieved initial results. During this period, the casting mold industry really got a larger development. National casting mold manufacturing plant point reached more than 6000, the number of employees by about 30 million people, produce about 800,000 sets of casting mold, standard mold more than 160,000 sets of casting mold industry has begun to take shape.

     In recent years, the introduction of advanced manufacturing technology and advanced equipment, parts mapping in general, no longer used coordinate measuring instrument and laser scanners and other advanced measuring equipment and measurement techniques by rubbing method, a model law, and, mapping parts only accurate, rapid, and can be directly measured data and graphics into the computer, the establishment of various documents, 3D models of parts and two-dimensional graphics. In terms of design, due to the widespread application of CAD, many companies and factories have got the drawing board or being rid drawing board, such as three-dimensional modeling software to promote, not only for CNC programming and integration to provide a guarantee, but also in the design assembly interference checking to ensure the reasonableness of design and craftsmanship. In the process, the extensive use of CNC machine tools not only ensure the precision and quality of the casting mold parts, and high cutting speed, high feed rate and high processing quality as the main feature of the processing technology, than conventional machining efficiency of several times or even ten times. Some on the scale, on the level of the casting mold factory continue to emerge, some of the non-technical, non-standard, poorly equipped workshops gradually be eliminated, so that our casting mold industry, there has been considerable development.

      In this situation, we should highlight the production of precision casting mold problem out, promote China's casting mold industry has entered a new stage of development, give full play to the important role of the casting mold industry in the national economy. Times, so that access to high-speed development of China's national economy, accelerate the realization of the four modernizations, to become an economic power, technological power.