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Brief Introduction of plastic and plastic mix classification issues should be noted

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  In the market, many types of plastic, but do people generally only know plastic engineering plastics and commodity plastics are divided into two categories. Essentially, plastic crystalline and non-crystalline plastics plastics division.
  Crystalline plastics: nylon, propylene, ethylene, POM, etc.;

  Non-crystalline plastics: polycarbonate, ABS, through benzene, vinyl chloride, and so on.

Why is divided into these two categories above it? Due to the different molecular structure.

  (1) crystalline plastic surface is slippery, not brushing, not chrome, hard surface decoration, painted the color can not currently loaded lasting, easy to fall off. Such as bags spraying, printing, coloring, in general, a large current through the electronic cone hair, in order to print color, but it can not be sustained, and the adhesive more difficult to find.

  (2) non-crystalline plastic surface can absorb other molecules, such as: ink, chrome plating, painting and the like so the general product shell, case, TV cabinet, adopted a non-crystalline plastic, easy decoration, easy to fall off and so on.

  However, the above two types of plastic must not mix together, such as mixed together that will be scrapped, surface blistering, mercury pattern, severe peeling, and therefore the two types of plastic, attention should be mixed, otherwise the consequences big, so especially for waste plastics for: To identify which one is what is expected to be opened separately to use the pick, but there is nothing like a little plastic mix big impact, such as ethylene propylene mix some little effect.