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Instantaneous heating technology injection molding tools

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  RocTool recently launched the innovative nature of the Cage System three injection molding technology.
This patent relates to a technique for rapid heating and cooling mold molding technology, the mold can be quickly installed in the water cooling system to cool the mold surface. Because only heated mold surface conduction system, this unique technology greatly shorten the machining cycle. RocTool surface material using a mold can be different from the temperature of the thermal conductivity of the mold as required in a higher portion of the heating, e.g., to set the surface area of a Class A automotive surface. This technology dedicated to mass production, is a good thermoset and thermoplastic materials processing solutions.

  What is the 'Cage System' injection molding technology?

  Cage System precise heating and cooling the surface of the injection molding tool within a few seconds, in order to shorten the processing cycle and reduce power consumption, as well as through the thin-walled parts to produce more to save material costs, so as to open up a wide range of plastics industry new applications, especially in large parts of the surface such as car bumpers, consumer electronics control panel, and automotive exterior parts. Have developed a more flexible RocTool thermal forming system, which sets a non-conductive timber structure or 'cage' outside the traditional steel mold, placed inside the electrically conductive coil. Thus, even an ordinary mold factory production of ordinary mold can also be created using this new thermal systems. Conductive coil mounted quick disconnect mechanism, you can re-install the equipment to complete within a few hours at a convenient time to replace the mold.

  RocTool's'Cage System 'key advantage

  RocTool \ 's Cage System The main advantages include: to improve the surface quality of the workpiece and make no obvious weld line; using low-viscosity thermoplastics such as polypropylene (PP) production of more thin-walled mold parts; reduction of 30-50% injection pressure, improve the rheological properties of the part surface, when the heat reaches the hot surface particles to improve the mobility of the polymer; increase the potential applications of plastic raw materials, completely new structure / soft touch, heat / anti-barrier and other large parts assembly ; the lower stages of plastic injection material stress, enhance high viscosity engineering / super polymer performance.

  Eliminate weld lines and superior part surface quality improve the appearance of performance, such as auto parts (interior and exterior panels), TV and computer case / accessories, telephones and all surface quality critical components.

  Cage System technology to reduce energy consumption by 60% (a conservative estimate), no carbon dioxide emissions. The temperature remains constant throughout the part, the initial temperature of 130 ℃ (gas can not pass, which is highly competitive technology in the true sense) cross a large area, which makes RocToolto injection molding can be produced at a temperature of 130 ℃ to 350 ℃ components.

The prospect Cage System

  RocTool with several automobile manufacturers, entertainment and leisure, aerospace equipment aspects, OEM manufacturers and material suppliers work together in order to introduce its Cage System technology to injection molding applications. Some companies want to test Cage System or other RocTool technology jointly developed with RocTool prototype made molds and plants in France and the United States were detected in RocTool. RocTool in order to confirm the validity of the prototype before the manufacture of molds by two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD (computer aided design) system simulation Cage System electromagnetic field. In addition, RocTool also with mold manufacturers to prototype mold design. RocTool plant facilities dedicated to prototype testing and technical validation.

  As a technology provider, RocTool need to use the Cage System technology for the production of products, the company offers its patents and technology know-how. License fee is based on the duration of contracts, end-use markets, specific applications and negotiate conditions, such as exclusive, royalty fees.