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Online testing tools to provide better process control for mold manufacturing

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  Strain gauge probe is detecting injection mold a computer mouse. This strain gauge testing techniques to overcome the ordinary contact - shortcomings trigger probe measurement uneven because geometrically complex parts requires approaching from all directions. This comprehensive probe makes Washington Western Industrial Tool Company Redmond area (Western Industrial Tooling) machining accuracy is maintained between + 0.0000 ~ -0.013 mm, the production of precision parts reached the customer requirements for more tolerance of 25% faster, more effort, more flexible production drive mechanism so that industrial focus away from the traditional post-process quality management. In most of the workshop, the test of the most expensive and can not create value work is a part. Unqualified parts both a waste of time and a waste of money and manpower. Now the attention is not focused on the latter part of the testing, but transferred to the pre prevention. Its purpose is to from the outset, according to a particularly close tolerances and minimal processing time to produce 100 percent qualified products. In this purpose, began to use a variety of practical techniques on the machine, in order to achieve better process control purposes. Automated detection technology can make the process and in control of parts to minimize downtime due to operator intervention caused.
     The improved process control for mold manufacturing is crucial. Most of the mold has a shape characteristic, because the higher the cumulative error value will be transferred to mold into complex, which requires us to complete the entire process again. At the same time, shorter delivery and global competition also need to have faster processing mold. To minimize interference workers and other operating factors, such as mold process control systems manufacturer adds a pair of eyes monitoring, help in the long process and the second channel, the third step in monitoring the machining conditions.

Machine processing capacity

  In order to prevent the occurrence of defects, companies must have the ability to process documents craft editing capabilities and ensure the accuracy of the machine. To achieve this, you need to be recognized and accepted in accordance with national standards, such as in accordance with ISO 230 standard or ASME B5.54 standards for testing. Both standards require the use of the club and the laser interferometer detection precision machine tool according to the recommended procedures. Adoption of these standards is not the purpose of the provisions of the machine must meet certain precision, but to find out what the machine can achieve accuracy levels. Written information specified machine precision parts companies must be able to produce qualified parts, and set the benchmark for precision in this place. Tested can let you know how much your machine can reach a level. As long as the machine can achieve the accuracy of the benchmark, we have the ability to craft processing.

  The machines are equipped with modern testing and calibration technology, but also be able to offer this technology, so to ensure the accuracy of the machine shop and running. More and more factories and large workshop has its own laser interferometer and electronic equipment, and small factories can through various channels, using commercial way to get a competitive price equipment and testing services by way of lease .
In fact, you can now provide for any workshop telescopic club detector for rapid detection tools, as long as 15min detection tasks can be completed in order to maintain the machining accuracy. Drivers can use to detect accurately evaluate Geometric accuracy of machines, roundness and stick / slip error, servo gain mismatch, vibration, backlash, repeatability and scale mismatch. Some clubs software can provide according to ISO 230-4 and ASME B5.54 and B5.57 standard diagnostic specific error, and then provide a list of common English, in accordance with the order of the overall impact of the precision machine tools, lists a variety of errors sources. This allows machine maintenance personnel directly targeted at problem areas for processing.
  Stage performance trends to keep up with the club to test the machine. Preventive maintenance is conducive to deviate from the process before the machine processing capacity to plan in advance. Tends to follow the general industrial need not be corrected according to the time the machine. There is no reason to maintain while taking a production machine is working well to be corrected. When they find what is normal, or let detecting clubs and production of parts to determine. During the test can continue production.

Machine detects the probe

T  oday, standard machine can achieve accuracy and repeatability has been close in the past, only to reach the CMM levels. This feature allows the machine itself at a critical stage process, with automatic detection of the workpiece probe. Once the machine is installed measuring instruments, measuring probe becomes a CNC operator meter. Testing procedures can be used as part of the process can be programmed and run automatically at each point, and detect the size and position to provide the necessary compensation. This will relieve the operator uses a dial gauge and plug gauge to measure and eliminate human factors control system error fixtures, parts and tool offset caused. On machine testing has become a part of the process, which is a powerful process improvement tools through, be produced in the shortest possible time, for the first time to create a qualified parts.
Can be used to automatically determine the location of the parts, and then establish a working coordinate system, the machine can detect cuts setup time, improve the utilization of the spindle, fixture and reduce the cost of production and processing to eliminate non-passage time. In the complex parts processing, 45min time previously required to debug fixtures, application detection device now just 45s and all automatic operation done by CNC. At the beginning of machining castings or forgings, detection device can determine the shape of the workpiece can be cut to avoid an empty waste of time, and can help determine the best tool to cut the angle. Control of the process is the use of detection means for the cutting process machine characteristics, size and location be monitored and to verify the exact dimensions of the various features of the relationship between each processing step, in order to avoid problems. You can program the probe, according to the program detects the actual processing results for each stage, and then automatically tool compensation, especially in roughing or semi-finishing later.
  Reference is the reference surface parts detection features and a size or a known location and size of the model by comparing the difference it can make CNC determine location, and then generate an offset to compensate for this gap. Before key processing, through the detection of counterfeit template, CNC can be checked against its own model of known dimensions, positioning, and then the offset programming. If the size of the template is mounted on the machine and exposed to the same environmental condition, the reference detector can be used to monitor and compensate for thermal expansion coefficient. The results they produce is a closed loop process, the operator will not be affected.
  Each machine in the course of its movement, and there are many small errors inherent in its structure, so that the programmed position between the CNC and the real position of the tool tip that there is always a slight gap, even in both of the after the laser is adjusted to between compensation after fairly consistent. Programmable Artificial detection model is a good way to further compensate the rest of the machine errors. It provides feedback for process control, enabling the machine to repeat positioning accuracy approaching accuracy specifications. This closed-loop process control can achieve precision machining centers and other precision boring and milling machine processing level.
  Many probes for the detection operation by using memory-resident macro program is completed. Updating coordinates, tool geometry changes and measure the shape of parts, etc., automatically determined by the CNC after the successful completion of the probe detection cycle. This can eliminate the serious error error message link or caused by miscalculations. Part inspection for subsequent processing, the detection probe can be reduced by the length and complexity of the offline test, and even it can be fully eliminated in some cases. Is very difficult due to the movement of large workpieces expensive and very time consuming, so the machine is particularly advantageous for large, costly test workpiece.
  Here you can also use two methods to complete the reference detector, which uses machine correlation detection method, the measured data on the machine with the previous CMM measuring machine data; or using counterfeit detection model, the machine data and the known dimensions traceability replica model for comparison. When making this comparison, CNC machine tools has been able to really determine whether the provisions of the machining tolerances. Based on these results, we can make an informed decision, remained in the workpiece on the machine to take the right approach.

  Non-contact laser tool setting

  Laser knife instrument provides for a quick verification tool dimensions automated methods, particularly in the mold manufacturing, inspection and tool wear after a long-term process, plays a key role. Laser instrument on the knife is high-speed, high-precision tune knives and effective way to detect tool breakage, has a good cost-effectiveness, in working condition, when indexing tool by laser beam or a normal speed of rotation, it can quickly measure its length and diameter. Laser detector with spindle speeds can identify errors due to the spindle, tool and tool holder clamping uncoordinated and radial vibration caused, this feature is the use of a static knife system can not be achieved. Some of the NC tool can detect faults at the highest lateral stroke of the knife, in order to further reduce non-cutting time to a minimum.
  When the tool movement through the laser beam, the system electronics will detect the interruption of the laser beam, and to issue an output signal to the controller. NC NC system can accurately measure any place of the laser beam diameter of 0.2 mm at a minimum of tools. When the laser beam is more than 50% threshold is detected by a tool block, the system is triggered. Non-contact tool setting system is used in the processing conditions and reliable red visible diode laser.
  Advanced electronic components and simplified design makes non-contact tool setting system to replace the contact. In the absence of any moving parts that can actually make the NC system maintenance-free. Contact systems required framework and implementing agencies of this design does not exist. Some NC CNC laser instrument on the knife with a protection system, installed in a rugged stainless steel appliances, interior filled with compressed air uninterrupted, even during measurement, but also to prevent pollutants, chips, graphite and coolant intrusion. These systems can also be installed on almost all sizes and various shapes of the machine, while working on the machine will not cause any impact.
  A powerful tool to improve the level of technology such as these technologies mature application and disposal of tooling for improving the level of automation and achieve better process control of great benefit. They can make mold manufacturers with higher geometric precision and dimensional accuracy faster mold production, virtually no operator involvement, rework or hand-finishing operations.